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As a business owner, you want what’s best for your clinic. For many clinics, this means finding the right flooring contractor who can provide quality flooring services.

Big Easy Flooring is a flooring contractor that specializes in flooring for clinic floors in New Orleans. We offer a variety of flooring options to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your clinic.

We understand that each clinic is different and has its own unique needs. That’s why we offer custom flooring solutions to meet your specific flooring needs. We also offer a variety of financing options to help make your flooring project more affordable.

If you’re looking for flooring services for your clinic in New Orleans, contact us today! We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect flooring solution for your clinic.

Healthcare/Clinic Floorings We Offer

Ceramic floors

When it comes to flooring for clinics in New Orleans, Big Easy Flooring is the company to call. We have a wide variety of options to choose from, and we can help you find the perfect flooring for your clinic. Our most popular flooring services for clinics include:

We also offer a variety of flooring services, such as:

Flooring for Clinic Environment

Floor tile installation

There are many important aspects to consider when designing a clinic: patient safety, comfort, and infection control, to name a few. One of the most important factors in creating an environment that is safe for patients is the floor.

  • One of the most important aspects of healthcare flooring is its ability to resist slips and falls. When patients are sick or injured, they can be more susceptible to falling. This is why it is important to choose flooring that has a high slip-resistance rating. There are many types of flooring that meet this criterion, including vinyl, rubber, and linoleum.
  • Another important factor to consider is the flooring’s ability to resist bacteria and other contaminants. This is especially important in areas where patients are more susceptible to infection. There are many types of flooring that have been treated with antimicrobial agents that can help reduce the spread of infection.
  • Another important factor to consider when choosing healthcare flooring is comfort. Patients who are comfortable are more likely to heal faster and have a better overall experience. This is why it is important to choose the flooring that is soft and comfortable underfoot.

When choosing clinic flooring, it is important to consider the different needs of your clinic. By taking the time to choose the right flooring for your clinic, you can create an environment that is conducive to healing and provide a better overall experience for your patients.

Create a Calming Healing Environment

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There are many ways that you can create a calming and healing environment in your home. One way is to choose the right flooring. Flooring plays an important role in creating a healthy environment, as it can help to reduce noise levels and provide a comfortable surface for walking and standing. When selecting flooring for your clinic, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • The type of materials
  • The style of the flooring
  • The color of the flooring

Flooring Options for New Orleans Businesses: How to Meet Hygienic Requirements

There are many different types of flooring on the market today, but not all of them are created equal. When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your business, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  1. Amount of traffic
  2. Type of environment your business is located in
  3. Aesthetic of your business

Flooring Services: From Top Flooring Contractors – Big Easy Flooring

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When it comes to flooring, there are many things to consider. But if you’re looking for a flooring option that meets hygienic requirements, Big Easy Flooring is the way to go. We are one of the top flooring contractors in New Orleans and can provide you with professional flooring installation for the perfect flooring solution for your medical building, home or business. Contact us today to learn more!

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I reached out to get measurements and a quote from Big Easy Flooring. The person I talked to was friendly and knowledgeable to help us with our needs. I love that they have a lot of floor options. Such perfect selections!

Oscar Holt

We had an excellent experience with Big Easy Flooring. We had a tight schedule to do the project but they managed to finish early as expected. Great floor company, great people, too!

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I found Big Easy Flooring online and was impressed by how helpful everyone was during the process of getting our flooring done. I’m really happy with the results! I recommend this company for your flooring needs.

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The work they have done in my living room is remarkable and very professional. I will call them again to redo the flooring in my bedroom. Many thanks to the team!

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We contacted several flooring companies in New Orleans. We were kind of disappointed with a few of them as they didn’t want to go into the details of the plan. We chose Big Easy Flooring because right away they listened and care about our vision for the house. Great company!

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My colleague at work recommended Big Easy Flooring, and we are glad we listened to him. We are beyond words with how our newly installed flooring was done. It is beautiful. Excellent flooring service!

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