Floor Coatings Service Contractors New Orleans:  Premium Quality Residential, Industrial, and Commercial Floor Coating

Floor Coating Service by Big Easy FlooringBig Easy Flooring can professionally tackle all your floor coating project needs.  We take pride in our expertise and skills to get your concrete floor coated with the best quality coating material manufactured to the highest standards of the industry.

We carry out all floor coating services with minimum downtime.  Whether you need floor coating installation for your home or business, we can finish the job according to your requirements.  We include systems maintenance programs and storage facility painting ensuring that your floor is resistant to water and moisture-caused damage and premature wear and tear.

Our floor coating services also cover painting maintenance programs to help you keep your floor clean and functional for years.  We carry out a wide range of floor coating services that serve different purposes for residential, commercial, and industrial properties in New Orleans.

Types of Coatings: Which Coating for Floors Should I Use?

Our specialist floor coating team will service your floor to protect and strengthen your concrete floors with the best quality floor coating that will suit your needs exactly.

We carry out floor coating process according to the individual needs of our clients.  Hence, we guide our clients in understanding the best type of coating for their flooring needs.

Our floor coating team will make a difference to your floor with a floor coating type from our great selection:

  • Epoxy floor coating:  If you are looking for a versatile floor coating that works best for commercial and industrial floors, epoxy flooring steps up to any challenge.  This floor coating can take the heavy work and intense foot traffic that commercial and industrial floors are burdened with.  We apply chemical curing that will make your floor hard and durable enough to resist abrasions.  You won’t need to worry about the design because we will present various colors and patterns that you can choose from.
  • Stained Concrete: We do concrete staining where we apply a colored acid or water-based stain to alter the look of the floor.
  • Flake FlooringFlake flooring is a decorative floor coating for any facility. This type uses resinous floor coatings which are fluid-applied coatings that create a seamless surface over a concrete slab. It is also available in different textures and colors.
  • polyurethane floor coatingsUrethane:  We have top-quality polyurethane coatings that stand up well for heavy foot traffic, tough impact, and moderate chemical exposure.  These clear floor coatings work best if you want to maintain the existing color of your floor.  They are good for many types of flooring like hardwood floors.
  • Slip Resistant:  We install slip-resistant floor coatings to make your commercial or industrial flooring safer, with better grip to prevent accidents like falls and slips.
  • Moisture Vapor Control:  Moisture can cause your floor to grow molds.  Your floor will need a specialized coating to make it resistant to retaining moisture.
  • Extreme Chemical and Wear Resistant: Many commercial and industrial flooring can experience chemical spills that damage the floor.  We can apply a durable coating on your floor that is resistant to the damaging effects of chemicals.
  • USDA-Approved Floor Coatings for the Food and Beverage Industries:  We will create a floor for you that complies with specific flooring regulations in New Orleans.  You are assured that your customers will be safe as they dine at your establishment.  We will apply a specialized coating designed to prevent the growth of molds and bacteria.
  • Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Floor Coatings:  When you have electronic equipment in your facility that can be affected by static electricity, our premium quality ESD floor coatings can be the solution.  With this floor coating, electricity can be diverted away from the pieces of equipment.
  • Concrete Polishing:  A simple, aesthetic, and practical solution for your coat flooring needs is the use of polished concrete.  This coat flooring can provide extreme shine for your flooring while increasing its water-resistance property.

Our extensive experience in flooring concrete floor types in New Orleans area makes us the most qualified and skilled flooring company.  You will get the desired results for your commercial, industrial, or residential floor coating service.

Common Problems of Concrete Resolved or Mitigated with Epoxy Flooring

All floor coating types do not last forever.  As with any construction material, there are downsides to applying a floor coating.  There are floor coatings specifically designed for industrial floor coatings and concrete flooring.  When they experience wear and tear or get damaged, you will need a professional repair service.

Some of the most common problems of concrete flooring that can be resolved with epoxy flooring include:

  • Marks caused by forklift traffic or traffic by other heavy equipment
  • Chemical spills
  • High levels of wear and tear

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install a floor coating without doing anything to the floor?

A proper and successful floor coating is achieved first by making sure that the surface of the floor is smooth, clean, and dirt-free.  Tools used in this important step include a hand grinder or scraper, a cleaning or degreasing solution, and a vacuum.  As your professional floor coating installers in New Orleans, we check for both ventilation and safety to prevent health issues and accidents.

What type of floor system is best for my garage floor?

The top 5 recommended flooring options for a residential, commercial, or industrial garage are:

  • Polished Concrete: Hard and resilient and performs very well under high pressure with minimum to zero wear and tear
  • Epoxy Flooring: A feasible and smart flooring system that is durable and aesthetic.  It works best for garage subfloors that are resistant to moisture and dampness.
  • Rubber Tile:  Flexible mats that are easily installed with attractive and convenient interlocking patterns.
  • Vinyl Flooring: Works best for low-traffic garage floors and can be custom-made and designed for the desired shade.
  • Stone Flooring:  If you want your garage floor to look natural, stone flooring with sandstone, graphite, or flagstone can be the best solution.  You will have a garage floor looking intimate with nature.

Is there a coating system that will protect concrete from chemical and acid damage?

A top chemical-resistant floor coating material is Epoxy coating.  This floor coating is resistant to many chemicals making it a popular choice for many residential, commercial, and industrial floor coating projects.

Big Easy Flooring: The Trusted Floor Coating Service Contractor in New Orleans

Our expertise in floor coating services in New Orleans will enable you to find the best option for your floor coating needs.  If you are convinced to try out top-quality floor coating materials for your residential, commercial, or industrial property, contact us today for a free estimate! You will get a durable floor that is ideal for your property and lifelong results with competitive rates.

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