Custom Tile and Natural Tile Flooring Services in New Orleans

Big Easy Flooring in New Orleans provides custom tiles and natural tile flooring services to give your home a unique look. Our custom-made tiling is designed to suit your preferences specifically and is custom-made with high-quality materials.

With us, you can expect custom-made tiles that last you a long time and provide a lasting impression to any room they are the centerpiece of. Let us help bring life to your living space with custom tile flooring from Big Easy Flooring.

Our custom tiles and natural tile flooring services will give your home and business a unique look and are designed to specifically suit your preferences and custom-made with high-quality materials.

You can expect custom-made tiles that last you a long time and provide a lasting impression to any room they are the centerpiece of. Let us help bring life to your living space with custom tile flooring.

How It Works

Custom tile flooring is the perfect way to make a personalized statement in your home. It is an incredibly nice and versatile way to upgrade any room in your home or workplace. Not only does custom tile flooring add a unique touch and look to any space, but it’s also durable and long-lasting due to its custom construction.

Step 1: Choose Your Tile Flooring

With our custom tile flooring, you are no longer limited to selecting from pre-prepared designs – you can choose how sophisticated or creative you want your custom tiles to be. Anything from vibrant colors to intricate designs, and custom shapes can be used to customize the look of your floors.

Step 2: Schedule Your Measurement

You can make a statement in every single space that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle. Installation involves precise measurements and calculations for stability goals for maximum longevity of the floor.

tile floor designs

Step 3: Get Your Quote

With our custom tile flooring services, you’ll be sure to get just the look that you’re aiming for—at an affordable price. Get your free quote today and see what custom tile flooring could do for your home’s décor.

Step 4: Have It Installed

Every custom tile set will be carefully crafted and designed to perfection with a custom solution that makes sure each tile is secure and prevents water damage while adding that extra bit of style to any room.

Contact us today and speak with an experienced custom flooring professional to find out how custom tile flooring can work for you.

What is Tile Floor Repair?

Tile floor repair is an excellent way to restore tile and grouts back to their original condition. In tile repair, service professionals assess the floor’s condition and identify the necessary steps taken to get it looking as good as new. If there are signs of discoloration, tile replacement can be done if needed.

Depending on the level of damage sustained, tile or grout may need to be scraped away and replaced, or crack lines colored in with quality sealant. You can trust our tile experts to finish the job efficiently and diligently.

With tile floor repair, we’ll bring life back into even the most tarnished surfaces. This form of restoration also increases the value of your property too!

What is Tile Floor Installation?

Tile floor installation is an excellent and relatively inexpensive way to give an existing room a fresh, modern look. We install tile flooring in New Orleans following these crucial steps:

  1. It starts with proper subfloor preparation – removing old tile or other surface material, filling any cracks or depressions, and making sure the base is level.
  2. Expert tile installers will then measure and mark where the tile should go and how it should be laid out for optimal results.
  3. Finally, tile pieces will be applied in the desired pattern with precision grout joints and accurate finishing techniques used to ensure a perfect fit.

With our tile floor installation, you’ll get lasting durability and aesthetic appeal that will instantly improve your home or business.

Our Tile Floor Installation Services

Investing in custom tile flooring installation is an excellent way to enhance any home or business. From adding value to customizing your space, custom tiles can make a statement while providing functionality and beauty. Don’t hesitate – to let us give you an accurate and custom quote for custom tile flooring that meets your precise needs.

You’ll find the best selection of tile styles, designs, and price points when you come to us; our experts will even install the custom tile flooring with prompt and precise attention. Get your custom quote today and start transforming your space!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with Big Easy Flooring to complete my tile flooring installation project?

If you’re looking for professional tile floor installation for your home or business, we are your perfect choice. We are experienced tile floor installers who have been operating in the New Orleans area for more than 10 years.

Our tile installation professionals have extensive experience and will work to make sure that your tile floor project meets all of your expectations. All of our tile installations come with a full one-year warranty, so you can rest assured knowing that you are making a sound investment.

With our competitive prices and commitment to customer satisfaction, working with us to install tile floors on your property is the perfect solution.

What if I need my flooring installed quickly?

We offer lightning-fast turnaround times and can get your tile floor project up and running quickly.

Will I need underlayment for my new floor?

When it comes to tile floor installations, the right underlayment is essential. With the right underlayment in place, tile flooring can last much longer with fewer repairs. If you’re looking for tile floor installation underlayment, we offer a wide selection of materials that provide excellent quality and durability.

Will I need trim for my new floor?

When it comes to tile floor installations, trim is an important element. Without tile flooring installation trim, your tile floor won’t have the seamless edges that make tile floors look so great!

Our tile floor installation trim comes in a variety of colors and patterns to match any tile choice or design aesthetic. It’s quick and easy to install, so your new tile floors will be ready to enjoy in no time!

Tile Flooring Professionals in New Orleans!

We know that custom tile projects require delicate precision, so our dedicated service staff takes every care to ensure quality work and make sure your floors look flawless. We also bring an eye for detail and a creative touch while helping select colors and patterns to ensure the custom look you desire.

Whether you are dreaming of a bold statement or something more subtle, we provide custom tile solutions for all unique spaces. Call us today for a free estimate!

What Our Clients Say

I reached out to get measurements and a quote from Big Easy Flooring. The person I talked to was friendly and knowledgeable to help us with our needs. I love that they have a lot of floor options. Such perfect selections!

Oscar Holt

We had an excellent experience with Big Easy Flooring. We had a tight schedule to do the project but they managed to finish early as expected. Great floor company, great people, too!

Gregory Wark

I found Big Easy Flooring online and was impressed by how helpful everyone was during the process of getting our flooring done. I’m really happy with the results! I recommend this company for your flooring needs.

Matthew Stephens

The work they have done in my living room is remarkable and very professional. I will call them again to redo the flooring in my bedroom. Many thanks to the team!

Holli Lowe

We contacted several flooring companies in New Orleans. We were kind of disappointed with a few of them as they didn’t want to go into the details of the plan. We chose Big Easy Flooring because right away they listened and care about our vision for the house. Great company!

Arnold Jensen

My colleague at work recommended Big Easy Flooring, and we are glad we listened to him. We are beyond words with how our newly installed flooring was done. It is beautiful. Excellent flooring service!

Ruby Fike

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